Thursday, July 26, 2012

Can EZ Money Method Fast-Track Your Success Online?

I hesitate writing the works fast, success and online all in one sentence.  The reason why is because there is just so much hype going on these days about making money on the internet. I try and stay away from all that and just go with systems that produce results

EZ Money Method is a simple, powerful combination of multiple streams of income, lead generation and structured, daily, easy-to-follow internet marketing training and coaching

And the training really is the most valuable part of what EZ Money Method is offering its members. The marketing system converts like a dream, but if you are lacking the skills and knowledge to generate a consistent daily flow of traffic, you will struggle.  Rather than give you theories on how to market, we show you exactly, step by step various free and paid marketing methods that get results fast.  If you would rather just purchase advertising for your EZ Money Method business, we give you dozens of proven sources.

You are never going to be left wondering what to do next with the  EZ Money Method.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Earn Free Solo Ads - Generate Free Leads

After months in the home-based business industry, particularly, marketing on the internet, I have learned how to use my time efficiently to generate traffic to my websites. 9 times out of 10, I am sending visitors to an opt-in page to collect leads for one of a few opportunities I am promoting and I usually use free methods. So, I am generating free leads for my business.

Recently many sites have popped up where you can earn free solo ads. Solo ads are generally considered the most effective form of internet advertising. I typically bring in 1-2 leads per solo ad, but you are going to have to do some testing before you can reach that rate.

You can earn the free solo ads by using the promo codes provided or by clicking on other people's solo ads. These sites are more responsive than safelists because only
5-10 solos go out each day. And you have to accumulate many points to send 1 solo. That is why it is best to use at least 20 at a time.

Profitable Email Marketing

Set up a BRAND NEW Gmail account just to use for ad sites.

If these promo codes are expired, you can find current ones on the site or inside after you login.

Be on the lookout for brand new text ad exchanges advertised on these sites,
they give out free solo ads & pro memberships.

My Free Text Ads
Earn points for a pro upgrade and several forms of advertising!

Eye on AdzPromo code: neweyeads

Sizzling Text Ads

code: relaunchpro, smokin )pro)

Ads2clix -

Clix4profits code: relaunch, relaunchpro

Ultimate Adz -

Coffee break Ads -
code:beans (JV)

Cash Solos code: ticket-3

Blazin Text Ads promo code: smokin

1st alert Ads promo code: signmeup (pro)

Solo Ad Trader code: trader-3

Wealth traffic code: roost

GDI text exchange code: protraffic

Business Mailers

Super Solos code: super (pro)


Mighty Text Ads

Adz Quik code: new2quik

Viral Exchange code: miracle

Traffic-Time - code:newmember

All-American code:american

My Power Adz - code: newmember

My Traffic Ace
-3000 Points
-2 Solo Ads
-3 Banner Ads
-3 Trafficlinks
-1 x Solo Ad
-3 x 800 banners
-3 x 100 trafficlinks
-4000 Points
-500 Banner Credits
Promo Code: mytrafficace
Promo Code: Kenneth
Promo Code: mytrafficacejoin

Text 2 Clix
-3 Solo Ad to all Members
-6 Banner Ads w/1000 impressions
-4 Traffic Links w/ 100 views
Promo Code: adminupgrade

Viral Text Adz
promo codes sent out in admin emails

Maple Text Ads
-1 Solo
-2 Traffic Links with 100 view
-2 Banners with 500 views
Promo code: mapleforall

Downline Express
-10,000 Bonus Points (trade for solo ads)
-2 Banner ad with 1000 Views
-2 Traffic Link with 100 Views
Promo Code: expresstraffic

Maximum Profits
1st 1000 Members Receive a Free Pro Membership
-50000 Points
-2 Traffic Links
-2 Solo Ads
-2 Banners w/1000 Credits
-10000 Points
Promo Code: maximum
Promo Code: payouts

My Traffic Maker
-500 Points
-4 Banners with 2000 Impressions each,
-2 Solo Ads
-4 Traffic Links with 100 views each!
Promo Code: tspeedway
Promo Code: bruno
Promo Code: tpersuasion

Text Ads World
-13 Banners
-6 Solo Ads
-2 Traffic Links
Promo Code: NEW-Special or newspecial
Promo Code: NewOffer!
Promo Code: MSLA (only for next 300 members)

Vital Traffic
-2 Solo Ads
-2 Banners
-2 Traffic Links
Promo Code: traffic

Solo Ads Only
-2 Solo Ads
-4 Banners
2 Traffic Links
Promo Code: freeads

-Free Pro Membership for first 1300 members
-21000 points
-3 Banners
-1 Traffic Link
Promo Code: pro1000

My Traffic Builder
-1 Traffic Link
-1 Banner
-1 Solo Ad
Promo Code: joinmtb

Maximum Profits
-1 Traffic Link
-2 Banners w/1000 Credits
Promo Code: maximum

My Web Traffic Robot
- 5000 points
- 2 Banners with 500 views each
- 2 Traffic Links with 200 views each
Promo Code: exclusiveinvitation
or try code: specialproupgrade or newmember

Ambulance Traffic
-2 Solo Ads
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-2 Traffic links with 200 views each
-surprise gift
Promo Code: 911

Super Text Ads
-2000 Points
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-2 Banners with 1000 Views Each
Promo Code: supertext

Little Guy Text Ads
-2 Solo Ads
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Promo code: newmember

Learn to Earn Text Ads
Promo code: 2009

Ad Tracts
Free $10 deposited in Your Account ($25 minimum to withdraw)

Royal Text Ads
-50,000 Points
Promo Code: Crown Jewels

Platinum Text Ads
2000 points
-2 Solos
-2 Banner Ads
Promo codes: newmember / freesolo

Marketer's Know How
FREE PRO until 750 members
-1 Solo
-1 Banner with 1000 views
-1 Traffic link
Promo code: freepro750

Top Score Traffic
-1 Solo
-1 Banner
-3 Traffic links
Promo Code: waynesworld51

EZ Traffic Ads

Traffic Speedway
Very Responsive Site - over 2400 members!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Best Safelist and Traffic Exchanges - Downline Builder

To get the most of out traffic exchanges and safelists (free advertising) you will want to build downlines in these resources. You will earn credits from your downlines activities while they use these traffic exchanges and safelists, therefore you will earn more free advertising!

Traffic hoopla is widely considered the best downline builder for safelists and traffic exchanges.

One of the best features of traffic hoopla is the fact that they test and rank each resource, so if you follow their rating system you will always be using the most effective safelists and traffic exchanges.

To get started, just open a FREE account at Traffic Hoopla and sign up for the traffic exchanges and safelists and now you know you are using the best ones on the 'net.

Generally, you should always use splash pages when advertising for in the best safelists and traffic exchanges. Splash pages are personalized simple web pages that re-direct traffic to your affiliate website or collect leads with an autoresponder.

IMPORTANT: set up a gmail account just for safelist use. You earn credits for safelists by clicking on the ads/emails that come to your inbox.

Here are some very good credit based safelists you should also join for GREAT results (All free to join)!

1. Active Safelist

2. Target Safelist

3. Vital Ad Views

4. Safelist XL

5. Safelist Pro

6. List Joe

And here are two very useful resources that are also not included in Traffic Hoopla

The first one isnt really a traffic exchange at all, but it is a FREE way to advertise!

Get Free Website Traffic

Traffic Swarm
Traffic swarm is the undisputed King of traffic exchanges! Over 800,000 members and counting. You MUST use this resource!

Remember, its all FREE!

Please don't hesitate contacting me if you have any questions or need help.
My email is raleya1 [at] gmail [dot] com . I am more than happy to help!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

An Added Benefit in a Home-Based Business
Copyright Adam C. Raley
Income Generation Online

One of the most amazing things about starting your own home based business is that by taking the necessary steps to create your own success, you end up helping others do the same in the process.

Of course financial independence is the ultimate goal. A lot of people talk about the numbers, but the business of network marketing is first and foremost a people business. If you try to only play the numbers game, you will inevitably run into a number of problems. The worst of which is downline attrition.

If people you bring into your business feel as though they are being abandoned by you, they will lose confidence and fail in a number of ways.

On the other hand if your mission is to help your organization attain the highest level of success possible through any means available to you, then success will be what you achieve.

There are a number of ways to help build confidence and trust within your organization, the most important way is through support and training.

This industry is very unique for at least one major reason. 95% of the people in involved in network marketing have absolutely no sales OR marketing experience. In effect it is the blind leading the blind. If you, the sponsor or referrer, provide a knowledge base for your prospects and sign ups they will be much more productive and successful and have almost no reason to want to leave you.

About the Author:
To find the best home-based business support, even if you already have a primary business please visit:
Income Generation online

Thursday, October 19, 2006

What Funded Sponsoring Can do for Your Home Business
Copyright Adam C. Raley
Income Generation Online

The main principle that the Pay it Forward 4 Profits program is built around is something called a Funded Sponsoring Franchise. A funded sponsoring franchise is an incredibly simple, powerful concept that is used every day in big business. And now you can use it in your own home business to achieve amazing results very quickly.

Just think of McDonald’s. Why is this franchise restaraunt so popular and successful. Is it because the food is high quality? We all know that is not the case. Then what is it? You may have already guessed. It is a simple, 100% duplicatable system that is already completely mapped out for anyone wanting to learn how to be successful selling cheap hamburgers.

And that is exactly what pay it forward for profits is to the network marketing business. It creates a simple system that will automatically weed out “tire kickers”, these people either people don’t want to invest, aren’t serious or aren’t ready to get started in their own home business. Only serious prospects contact you and they sign-up for either one or all of your affiliate programs. This is where you make your up front income and residual income along with sign-up bonuses that are very juicy.

If these people are inexperienced, they can easily be brought up to speed on a number of live and recorded training calls available for free for any Pay it Forward 4 Profits members. There is also a 30 day marketing success guide that is a simple, yet very detailed and thorough, step-by-step guide to success. And then the people the your new members bring in follow the exact same process and repeat it over and over again, building YOUR OWN organization.

I know, I know, you already have a product or business that you are working with and you don’t want to bother with a whole other system or project. Well in my last post I told you that the third best thing about Pay it Forward 4 Profits is that is a 100% generic system. That may just be the best thing, and in fact there are about 3 dozen well known MLM companies listed on the very 1st page of the PIF4P’s site that THOUSANDS people are using right now with amazing success in a relatively short period of time

When you weed out the “tire kickers” then you are left with serious prospects and when they sign up for the pay it forward 4 profits affiliates then you are making money off of your new prospects. If you have a Primary business already, you enter your information into the members site and it is featured in the back office of PIF4P and offered to all the new members you sign up, automatically. You seriously need to check this out!!! But wait, please read the next paragraph first because it is VERY IMPORTANT!!!

Then over time you can decide who the really serious prospects are and begin to build a working relationship with them and then, at that point, they will respect you, have trust in you and be thankful that you steered them in the right direction and helped them start their home business. How much more receptive to the primary business YOU ARE CURRENTLY INVOLVED IN will each of those hard-working, productive team members be? I think a lot of you know how sales works; if you build trust, confidence, and knowledge in the person you are selling to, you are far more likely to close. And how much more successful will ANY downline you have be with highly productive, motivated individuals in it? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this one out.

It really is quite simple because it works equally well for the beginner that may not have enough money or experience to instantly become a full-time marketing pro. And for the individual that has been in networking marketing for x amount of months or years and is getting paid what Joel likes to call “mlm minimum wage” then before you give up completely you owe it to yourself to give this program a look. I can honestly say that this is probably exactly what your have been looking for. The best part is, it is absolutely free to give it a test drive.

Im not going to lie to you and tell you it doesn’t cost money, because it does. The only way you are ever going to get a legitimate home business started is by investing an absolute, bare minimum of $50. You can start here for one FREE week then continue to build your own home business at the small cost of $10 a month. Or invest more and get more results!! Trust me, I’ve checked it out.

Don’t waste any more time searching for the “perfect system” because I already did that and I am telling you that you can stop looking because you just found it. No joke. My email is all over this blog and I’m not making myself hard to get in touch with it. If you don’t like any of the programs that I am talking about feel free to send me as many nasty letters as you like.

About the Author:
To find the best home based business ideas and opportunities so that you can work at home visit:
Income Generation Online

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Starting Your Own Low Cost Home Business
Copyright Adam C. Raley
Income Generation Online

This is a very exciting time in my life. I finally feel as though I am on the right path to getting a successful home business started. You see I have been struggling for the past several years. I have been having a hard time adjusting to the “real” world post-university life.

Even though these times have been hard, I feel extremely lucky. Foremost, because I haven’t really been struggling very long. I’m only 26 and compared to some looking for the right home based business opportunity, I still have my whole life ahead of me. I haven’t been stuck in some job that is shaving years off the back end of my life while receiving paycheck that is more of an insult than a reward. If that scenario is eerily reminiscient of your own life, then my friend I am here to tell you that I want to share my good fortune with YOU!

I say that I am lucky because I have only been stuck in a crappy job for a few years and I only had to look for about 6 months before I found what I had been looking for. And what is that, you may be thinking to yourself?

What I had been looking for was an easy and inexpensive (relatively anyway) to start making money online. The most exciting part is that I found just that and so much more. I found the most honest, genuine and knowledgeable marketing system on the internet, pay it forward for profits.

About the Author:
To find the best home based business ideas and opportunities so you can work at home visit:
Income Generation Online